A most disappointing affair

I got my ass kicked real well by drunkenness. I didn’t think it’d ever bloody happen again. *sigh*

It’s just so bloody stupid. It ends up as a farsical affair, because the public eye watches everywhere. You’re expected not to make these mistakes, because they’re really fucking dumb. For everyone. Accused, acusee, and bystander, everyone’s honour gets hit by the shrapnel of these sorts of things.
I didn’t think that would ever happen, either.
And that’s exactly how it kicked my arse.

I’m shutting down for a few; blog posting will be halted and sealed until I can get a proper investigation carried out into this. This is not something I ever expected to happen twice and it won’t happen thrice. A proper apology is due at that time.

Discuss these matters further with the insane lady:

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