This time, I’m not dying…

This blog has died and withered too many times. And this… this won’t be the last time, but it will be the last time, for quite some time. There will be no hibernated whimper. There won’t be a suicide note. There won’t be another fight and absence.

It has gone on for too long.

This is a stand, a rebellious declaration of defiance. At all of it. All of the unreadiness, the uncertainty, the fear, the pain. The Light is fated to end this.

We-me-myself-I-whateverfirstpersonpronouns have been training in secret over the past 8 months to plan a decisive and controlled change of the status quo. The next dawn will be a herald of our reckoning.

When the  flagship hoists its flag tomorrow, it marks the beginning in the Operation to Restore the Conglomerate. It marks the end of belligerence, it marks the end of unpurposeful living. It will be an honour and duty to ensure that these revisions and tactical strikes are performed with an exceptional manner. It will be my honour to chronicle it as advice, and to have hope that this could support others through their times of need.

The journey will be treacherous. But the Conglomerate is stronger, better, more prepared, more maneuverable, and proactively ready; and so, this farce ends – now.

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