This blog is dedicated to a knowledge crusade. A witchcraftery sort of thing. A hunt, as it is, for demons.

Uncontrolled souls, that is to say.

And as a paladin, our job is to put them under control. Grudging as we are to let the warlocks do it, I kill off the rest. And this is no allegory. This is real life. So how does holy magic work?

It’s simple. And that’s it. By tapping the core philosophies of everything from Confuscianism, the Light, the Force, Predicate Logic, Extensialism, Quantum Physics, Darwinianism and applying it to educational protocols, ASF hopes to deliver an unparalleled information platform for all the things that most people don’t cover. The interdisciplinary things. The meta. The obscure; and link them all into one giant relational diagram, then temper it with a bit of ethics and export it to the world.

Your ingenious host is Anolaana, a slightly mad high-school chemistry teacher from New Zealand and a bit of an entrepreneur striving to make the world a better (and more exacting) place.

Discuss these matters further with the insane lady:

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